Saturday, 2 February 2013

Non-academic shtuff.

Some of my fanart and personal character comics I sometimes manage to squeeze into my spare time..

Sup Wayne.

Concept shtuff for my animation short idea called, after the fine geek himself, Wayne. Without giving much away it is about a hippy nerd deciding to show off his 'totally rad' room on webcam.
It's still a project I'm fond of, hoping maybe one day to continue with the idea and create the animation!

2nd Year Life drawings

 30 seconds - 1 minute gesture drawings. Still need to loosen up with this! :/

 A collection of friends from life drawing sessions.

Pat montage!.. So many life drawings of this woman..

2nd year animal Studies

Animal studies from Marwell and Colchester Zoo.

Wow, oh hey blog.

..And so the blog update commences....

Some aviary bird studies and some 2nd year character design work!